New Orleans NFL Star, Will Smith,

Joins Usher’s Call for Haiti Relief to Be Powered By Service

Earlier this week, Usher made a public call for youth involvement in the relief for Haiti. Now, other notable adults are stepping up and taking a lead the youth to join the efforts to help Haiti.

In support of the youth efforts to raise funds for the United Nations Foundation Central Emergency Response Fund(CERF), and Usher’s New Look’s efforts, Will Smith, NFL star athlete with the New Orleans Saints is calling on his fans—especially young people in New Orleans to answer Usher’s call to action. “As our own Katrina recovery continues, the plight of Haiti today is too familiar for those of us in New Orleans to ignore. All of us should be compelled to help. That's why I've joined Usher to help raise money for Haiti's recovery efforts,” said Smith.

“We are specifically asking for young people to raise small donations for the United Nations Foundation relief efforts. As 50% of the world population, youth have the power to collectively make a huge impact on the relief efforts. I feel it is especially important for youth in our community to support Haiti due to the history we share and the estimated 5,000 Haitian families residing in New Orleans today,” Smith continued.

He has also agreed to match $20,000 of those youth raised funds. Raising a possible $150 million may seem to be a daunting task, but with tools such as the One Economy toolkit www.pic.tv/willsmith, located on Will Smith’s website, www.thewillsmith.com youth can inspire adults and peers alike to become involved!

Together Will Smith and Usher are challenging young person to raise at least one dollar, and mobilize their peers to raise at least a dollar and send their donations to CERF. With just 1% participation of the world’s youth, an overwhelming $150 million could be collected. Youth can donate online, by check or by texting CERF t o 90999.

So, if you are under 25, or know someone under 25 spread the word about raising funds for the UN Foundation’s relief efforts in Haiti.

You can also help track the youth impact by following Will Smith, the UN Foundation, and Powered By Service on twitter and for every dollar raised through youth efforts, tag “@powerbyservice” on twitter. Watch how many other youth from around the globe flood the Powered By Service twitter page everyday and imagine the impact all those dollars will have!

Racquel Smith giving key to mobile health clinic to Mayor Wilson Jeudy of Delmas, Haiti. Directly following the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in January 2010. Will and Racquel made a commitment to both personally invest in a mobile clinic and develop a campaign with Usher Raymond IV to demonstrate the power of youth to make a difference by raising money to send a mobile health clinic to Haiti. On Friday August 6, 2010 Racquel Smith along side "supa" and Usher Raymond IV awarded the "key" to the mobile health clinic that will be delivered to Haiti later this month.

For more information please visit www.ushersnewlook.org


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